Dial a box has the trucks to deliver all of our containers either on a tilt tray or a side loader, depending upon your needs. Our drivers are very experienced and will take the time to make sure the delivery goes smoothly and your container is placed into the best position for your delivery,

Tilt Tray

When delivering 20′ or 10′ shipping container we normally deliver on a tilt tray, this allows us to get into the tightest space. Containers are loaded with either the doors to the cab of the truck or the rear of the truck. They then slide off the back of the truck. We can usually deliver down a standard driveway. If necessary they can also be delivered on a side loader details below.


Side Loading Container Transporter

Side loader transporters are used to transport our 20′ and 40′ shipping containers. When using a side loader the container will be lifted off to the right hand side of the truck (drivers side ). They can be very precise with the placement. If using a side loader we would require approximately 5 meters in width to be able to park the truck then lift the container off the truck.